Food Around The Globe

Food Around the Globe chef Vanessa Ragland

I had a wonderful time working with chef Vanessa Ragland and the production crew in the making of “Food Around the Globe”. Vanessa had the dream of creating a cooking series which highlights a different country on every show.

Here is a little information about the chef:
I was born and raised on a beautiful island in the Caribbean; The Dominican Republic. Puerto Plata, the town where I come from, is a picturesque place where the people are warm and friendly, and are always willing to help others.

I had a normal childhood; full of laughter, friends, and enjoyable moments at the beach. As a child I could always be found in the kitchen with my mom and grandmother and this is where I discovered my love for cooking.

In 2000 I started working for a cruise line. This gave me the opportunity to travel the world and explore fantastic destinations. In 2002 I moved to the United States and a few years later started working as flight attendant. Both the Cruise line and flight attendant positions allowed me to further increase my love for cooking by exposing me to different cultures and cuisines.I can honestly say that I have always enjoyed cooking and I am a classically trained culinarian.

Outside of the kitchen I consider myself a “Frugalista” (def: extremely cheap) I am always on the lookout for a bargain and I know how to stretch a dollar! Visits to the farmer’s market are a must, and lookouts for sales and coupons are a part of me.

When I am not experimenting with new recipes at home, I can be found roaming the local thrift stores for hidden treasures that I can refurbish and/or re-purpose.

I now live in Marietta, GA. with my wonderful husband and two beautiful children.

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Chef: Vanessa Ragland

Producer: Tommy Eldridge

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